portable basketball hoop base

Base products to fill Portable Basketball Hoop Base

There are 3 main options to fill a basketball hoop base,

1. Sand – is the most common material used to fill basketball hoop bases. It is easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and readily available at most hardware or home improvement stores like Home Depot. One tip is to look for dry sand to start with, so it pours easily. Using wet and coarse sand makes it difficult to fill the base.

2. Water – this option is convenient as it is easy to fill and empty, making the hoop easier to move around. However, water is not as stable as sand, and the hoop may wobble or tip over if the wind is strong. One deterrent with water is that it could crack the base in winter when it freezes, and if there are any cracks in the base, the water is simply going to leak out.

3. Base Gel – is a substance that can be mixed with water to create a gel-like
material. When the gel is poured into the base of the hoop, it hardens and provides stability. It is an excellent option for those who want a more stable base than water but do not want to use sand or concrete. It’s also less messy than sand.

Here are some Base Gel options; with all base gel options you need to read the instructions carefully before use to ensure you have the gel vs. water ratio correct. Base sizes vary from 25 – 40 gallon capacity.

1. Gelcrete Polymer for Anchoring Down Basketball Goals.

BaseGel Polymer for Basketball Goal and Outdoor

2. BaseGel Polymer for Basketball Outdoor

GELCRETE Polymer for Anchoring Down Basketball Goals

You may not need to use all the base gel, 16oz bottle absorbs more than 40 gallons of water. It solidifies in about 20 minutes. It’s still a good idea to leave a few inches at the top for freezing, just in case.

The product is easy to use, just add water.

3. AnchorGel Polymer, Replacement for Sand & Sand Bags

AnchorGel Polymer, Replacement for Sand and Sand Bags to Keep Portable Basketball Hoops

Easy to pour and does the job of keeping your hoop upright. Although it’s probably a biton the pricy side. It doesn’t explicitly say how much water to add, it just stays absorbs up to 40 lbs of water

How do I empty the base after using Base Gel?

You can simply add water to the gel to turn it back into a liquid form, making it easy to pour out. Just follow the instructions provided with the specific brand of base gel.

Can you fill a Basketball Hoop Base with Concrete?

While it is possible to fill a basketball hoop base with concrete, it is not recommended. Concrete is heavy and difficult to move, making it challenging to move the hoop.

Sand, water, and base gel all can provide convenient options for filling your basketball hoop base, while still allowing for easy emptying when needed.

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