Teens playing basketball outside with Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop Review

Basketball is now one of America’s favorite pastimes. If you are looking for a way to give your children an active and safe playing environment, a portable hoop is the most convenient solution.

There are many things you need to keep in mind when trying to select the best portable basketball hoop for your home. You have to make sure it's under your designated budget, and also ensure it's durable enough to be worth the investment.

Different family members play basketball at different levels, and you need a portable basketball hoop that caters to all of your children and teenagers alike.

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Durability is a key factor when you consider a portable basketball hoop. In addition to lasting longer, sturdy hoops will guarantee a safe playing environment for your children.

In addition to this, a portable basketball hoop is one of those gifts that can hurt any DIY-parent’s ego if it's too difficult to install.

About The Product

Taking all of this into account, we would like to bring your attention to the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System. This basketball hoop has all the features and characteristics that make it a perfect match for active families of all sizes.

Rim Type And Size


Backboard Type

Hoop Height Adjustment

Base System

  • Solid steel rim
  • 18 inches
  • Weather resistant
  • Good fit for outdoors
  • Impact backboard
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • 44 inches
  • 7’5 to 10’ with a telescoping mechanism that uses 6-inch increments
  • Base can be filled with water or sand
  • 27 gallons base tank
  • Rolls to location
  • Designed for any weather 1/2-inch steel rim braces

Coming from a small garage in Utah to being the leading provider in the portable basketball hoops industry is something Lifetime has done gracefully. It’s no surprise that the 1221 Portable Basketball Hoop is yet another elegant step in its stride.

The Lifetime 1221 is made to withstand most games and drills, so aspiring athletes can practice for long hours without worrying about its durability. This portable basketball hoop is perfect for the youngsters looking to make varsity, or even for casual players who want to vent a bit.

The 1221 has a sturdy 27 gallons base that can be filled with either water or sand, providing great stability and support. Many users praise the Lifetime portable basketball hoop for its sturdiness and versatile base design.

Kids Playing Basketball

It comes equipped with wheels so you can also roll it around and easily set it in the most convenient location for your family. This is a perfect feature that comes in handy when having to relocate it for a change of season or if you are moving homes.

This Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop is packed with features, and you can see that its creators kept the end user in mind when designing it. Let this outstanding portable hoop become the new center of your family’s active lifestyle!

What We Like

One of the most impressive aspects of the Lifetime 1221 portable basketball hoop is that it’s incredibly user-friendly. It requires tools to assemble, but the process is fairly easy and accessible for any DIY parent.

Some reviews showcased elaborate stories of users who were boasting about how they were able to install the system by themselves, sometimes taking a measly couple of hours.

Another aspect we liked was the combination of materials used to make this portable basketball hoop. A lot of reviews mentioned the fact that the Lifetime portable hoop was not only sturdy, but also adds a touch of class wherever it was placed.

While it is designed to stand the test of time, this model does not sacrifice visual appeal. The backboard features durable, impact-resistant technologies to prevent any snapping or breaking. Details like these are what enables Lifetime to easily surpass most competitors when it comes to attention to detail.

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Adjustable Backboard

The unit is also very flexible for various family needs, especially one with younger kids. If the little ones are interested, the hoop can be adjusted at height for their use. This option has great range, and you can adapt the hoop as the young ones grow.

Most online reviews praise this portable basketball hoop because it can withstand any weather. People in both cold conditions and hot regions vouch for the outstanding quality of this item.

Chances are, you’ll be using this portable basketball hoop outdoors, so the all-weather net is a huge plus. Most succumb to the elements, but the 1221 comes with a high-quality net that should withstand even the harshest conditions.

Last but not least, there were numerous reviews praising the sturdiness and durability of this portable basketball hoop. Most people who reviewed this item have owned it for many years, and they always seem pleased at how long the Lifetime 1221 has lasted.

What We Don’t Like

While the majority of reviews are outstanding, there have been some complaints about the instructions being unclear. However, this should not be a major issue with experienced DIYers and those that have online video tutorials available.

Other reviews have reported that although the product does have wheels, it can be rather difficult to move around. These users said that their portable hoop usually required 2 people to move it when the base is full.

Some others complained about the packaging, finding out during installation that some parts arrived damaged. These, however, are covered by manufacturer's warranty.

Furthermore, although most units withstand any weather, some do arrive with faulty base tanks and have issues with cold weather. But, for the most part, users advised that filling it with sand instead of water solves this problem.

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Hoop

While all the above should be considered, for a price tag of just under $85, the Lifetime 1221 is an impeccable portable basketball hoop that is great for families wanting to create long-lasting memories together.

Our Buying Advice

If you think the Lifetime 1221 is the hoop for you, we suggest you head over to Amazon to make your final purchase.

The website offers some of the most competitive prices found on the internet today and you will receive free shipping straight to your doorstep. Plus, you’ll benefit from a great 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Final Word

The Lifetime 1221 Portable Basketball Hoop is definitely the best option if you have a household with children and playful adults. It’s adjustable, sturdy, and boasts of a stable base design.

This portable basketball hoop is yet another great addition to the amazing offering of Lifetime. Not only is this portable hoop functional, but its beautiful finish and easy-to-use design make it a perfect addition to any home.

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