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Outdoor Basketball Hoop Lights

Basketball is usually a daytime activity: when people think about this sport they think about basketball courts or sweating under the heat of the sun. But playing basketball at night is a fun and unique experience that everyone should try at least once.

Outdoor basketball hoop lights can make this possible. Just attach them to your portable basketball hoop and you’re ready to play under the moonlight. They are designed to light up the edge of the basketball hoop. Some companies also offer basketball hoop lights that can cover the rim as well as the backboard.

Here we will talk about some recommendations for outdoor basketball lights. This guide will help you choose the right basketball hoop light.

GlowCity Light Up LED Rim Kit with LED Basketball

When it comes to outdoor basketball hoop lights, GlowCity is one of the top providers, with their wide assortment of kits. One of their most notable offerings is the GlowCity Light Up LED Rim Kit with LED Basketball which costs around $60.

Basketball kit night lights

This kit includes an LED hoop lights, lights for the Hoop and a size 7 LED basketball. This GlowCity hoop lighting is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which are not included in the set.

Batteries for basketball hoop lights

However, the LED basketball has batteries that are pre-installed, so it is ready for use. The basketball lights-up when it is being played with an on contact with the ground, hoop or backboard. These lights shut off automatically when the ball isn’t being played with.

The lights itself is a single strand of LED hoop lighting that is encased in a thin protective tubing, which protects it from getting damaged by the weather. It is long enough to cover and light up the basketball rim and there are 8 different colors to choose from: aqua, blue, red, green, pink, white, yellow, and multi-color.

One helpful thing is that GlowCity provides a roll of tape that helps you fasten the lights onto the hoop. The light up basketball, basketball hoop light create an awesome combination that makes for a perfect game of late night basketball.

The impact-activated basketball has two LED lights that shine bright and stay lit for 40 seconds. GlowCity gives buyers the option to choose between the size 7, size 6, and size 5 basketball, with the smaller sizes being more suitable for children. However, the basketballs come deflated, and you must inflate it yourself.

Basketball hoop lights with lit up basketball

Kids and teens will certainly enjoy the novelty of playing basketball at night with a bright and glowing LED basketball to go along with their light up basketball rim. Of course, adults can enjoy this product as well.

One point to note is the lights themselves—on both the hoop and the basketball, they aren’t very durable. Some buyers have reported that the basketball stopped lighting up after a few months of use. Additionally, you might find yourself having to replace the tape, which you’ve used to secure the LED lighting, every four or five months if you use it regularly. It tends to come lose eventually.

Another common issue is the fact that you need to replace the batteries used on the basketball hoop lighting.  Since the battery pack is supposed to be attached to the basketball hoop using the provided adhesive fastener, it means users have to climb a step ladder to replace the batteries.

That said, GlowCity’s customer service is quite reliable. They offer a 60-day no hassle repair or replace guarantee if anything goes wrong or stops working with the product. We want to set your expectations low in terms of durability, because this is not made to last for years. But in terms of brightness and novelty, this kit will certainly be a hit among your kids.

GlowCity Light Up Basketball Hoop Lighting Kit (no Basketball included)

GlowCity gives you the option to buy their basketball lighting kit without the LED basketball. It is available for a price of around $40 on Amazon. For that price, the GlowCity Light up Basketball Hoop Lighting, you get enough lighting to light the rim, the pole, and the outer edge of the backboard of your portable basketball hoop.

Just like the GlowCity Light Up LED Rim Kit with LED Basketball, this product is very bright, meaning you can enjoy playing in the middle of the night. They lighting can universally attach to any existing basketball hoop and available in 8 different colors as well.

Basketball LED lights

This kit has a waterproof battery pack and it runs off 3 AA batteries (which are not included). The battery pack attaches to the basketball hoop with the included adhesive fastener. The lighting can be attached using the GlowCity clear tape provided.

Overall, it is easy enough to install, and the lights are sufficiently bright. It is a fun product that will give you a unique basketball experience. In terms of bad reviews, this product has received a bit of criticism from buyers saying that the instructions were poor and hard to follow. Expect the tape to start wearing off after four or five months, especially with regular use.

GlowCity Light up Basketball

If you and your children are more interested in just the LED basketball, GlowCity Light up Basketball is the one for you. It costs only around $25, and it is the same impact-activated LED basketball that is available in GlowCity’s outdoor basketball hoop light kits. It has an impressive glow, and it stays on for 40 seconds after the last impact, so continuous play means that the LED lights will stay on.

GlowCity Light up Basketball

This product arrives deflated, so the customer will have to inflate it themselves. GlowCity offers it in three sizes: size 7, size 6, and size 5.

Kid playing with lit up basketball

Kids ages 10 above will absolutely love this. The basketball glows bright even during the day, which makes it a pretty cool alternative to the regular basketball that you’re used to. They come with several replacement batteries, so you can keep enjoying it for months. It makes a pretty cool birthday gift.

Light Up Action Basketball Net

This product from Light Up Action is a great alternative to GlowCity’s offerings. This basketball hoop light makes night time basketball even more fun with its shot-sensing feature. When you successfully score, the rim will glow a bright green. If you miss, it glows red.

GlowCity Light up Basketball

The wireless remote makes it so you can select the color, brightness, and adjust the fading and flashing modes. The sensitivity of the rebound and shot sensors can also be detected.

It’s a fun feature that gives the game a more exciting element, which might just make your kids and teens more competitive.

But it’s not just for kids: this is a fantastic gift for all ages. It is easy to install, and it comes with a 1 year repair and replace guarantee from Light Up Action, which has a 100 percent coverage. Customers may even return it if they are not satisfied with the product.

How to install Light up Action Basketball

The product is fun and interesting because of the shot sensing feature. It comes highly recommended because it is easy to install, and fun to play with.

These products should give you an idea of what to expect when buying outdoor basketball hoop lights. Generally, they are not the most durable products out there, so they are not exactly long term investments. But they certainly give you a refreshing new way to enjoy your favorite sport with your friends and family.

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