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Silverback NXT 50″ Portable Basketball Hoop Review

When you’re a mom or dad looking for an appropriate way to entertain your kids, a portable basketball hoop is always a convenient solution. This is even truer today as the sport has gained much attention and is played in almost every school in the country.

Moreover, the widespread attention that basketball is getting is leading to a positive impact on both the psychological and physical health of many. Basketball helps players stay fit and in-shape while developing team play and social skills.

You need to keep in mind that purchasing a portable basketball hoop is an investment. They are not the cheapest sport accessory out there, but they are designed to last for years.

Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop Steel Frame

Sticking to your budget can be a bit challenging, as it is when making any purchase decision of this magnitude. Just keep in mind the features you need, because purchasing the wrong hoop to save money can cost you more in the long run.

All families have members of different ages, sizes, and skill levels. Before you know it, your young children will become energetic teenagers and want to play at higher levels. You need a hoop that is durable and versatile in order to fit the needs of all family members that use it.

Portable basketball hoops require a good deal of assembly, so having prior DIY experience is a major plus. If you don’t have any previous experience, you may want to think about buying a portable basketball hoop that is easy to assemble and move around.

About The Product

With this in mind, we suggest you check out the Silverback NXT 50" portable basketball hoop. This portable hoop is packed with great features that create a safe and fun playing environment for your entire family.

Rim Type And Size


Backboard Type

Hoop Height Adjustment

Base System

  • Standard 18-inch rim and net included
  • Weather resistant
  • Good fit for both indoors and outdoors
  • Infinity edge backboard
  • Wrap-around perimeter gives increased sturdiness
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Size 50” W x 33” H
  • Height adjustability from 7.5’ to 10’
  • Ergo Move Base System designed for effortless moving and placing
  • Steel-on-steel connection between the base and main pole

The most remarkable feature this portable basketball hoop has to offer is its overall design. Silverback has put together an innovative masterpiece that caters to inexperienced and seasoned players alike.

The parts that make up the Silverback NXT are designed for fast assembly. The innovative technology used for the backboard gives an improved rebound effect. In addition to this, the base system provides superior strength and remarkable stability to an already very impressive hoop.

Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

Your young ones can most likely play basketball for hours without getting tired, so giving them a portable hoop that mimics professional equipment is a great way to help them polish up their skills. If one of your children is trying to make the varsity team, you have to make sure they are using a portable basketball hoop that can undergo a repetitive rhythm of drills or games.

The Ergo Move Base System gives this portable hoop incredible sturdiness. It has a durable structure, a solid plastic base and a metal frame which leads to the support pole.

When it comes to support and stability, this model has a 25-gallon tank at the base that can be filled with either water or sand. Keep in mind that sand is always a better choice because it weighs more than water, and thus provides more stability.

The Silverback NXT was built with an Infinity Edge backboard, which basically means that the edges wrap around to the back. This design is called “flanging,” and it creates a stronger face for the backboard, which in turn results in an improved rebounding effect.

What We Like

Silverback has been delivering quality basketball products for quite some time now, and this portable basketball hoop is no exception. Although it’s considered a mid-range basketball hoop, the NXT is among the best in its class even when compared to higher-end models.

Most reviews highlight the overall quality and usability of the portable basketball hoop. The solid backboard, rim design, and adjustable height are all praised for delivering excellent results. According to some reviews, certain parts come pre-assembled, and customer have described the instructions manual as clear and concise, making the overall process very simple.

Man Assembling Backboard

The entire assembly should only take a couple of hours, but a second set of hands is highly recommended.

The online reviews also mention the extreme attention to detail which the Silverback NXT 50" consistently displays. From appearance right down to functionality, it seems the end user was kept in mind throughout the whole creation process.

The combination of a solid base and the support braces which are directly connected to all four corners of the backboard provide a level of stability that resembles the one of an in-ground system. In addition to improving the rebound effect, a stable portable hoop is less likely to tip over, making it safer and more functional.

What We Don’t Like

While it took some time to find any negative review about the Silverback NXT 50" portable basketball hoop, we did come across a couple.

There is a small flaw in design which affects efficient shooters more so than anyone else. When shots go in without touching the rim, there have been reports of them hitting the base, thus leaving the ball to bounce off in awkward directions.

Some online reviews also suggested that the quality of the rim could be better and have recommended players to avoid any heavy dunking.

While it is also generally considered a little pricier than other models at nearly $500, we consider the overall quality of the product, combined with its durability and aesthetic appeal well worth the dollar difference.

Our Buying Advice

The most convenient option to purchase this portable basketball hoop is through Amazon. It comes in two different size options and includes free shipping with every purchase.

Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

Amazon also offers the most competitive prices. Plus, if you’re no good at DIY, you can purchase an installation service for a little over $115 extra.

Final Word

The Silverback NXT 50" portable basketball hoop holds up as the top choice to satisfy your entire family’s basketball cravings. Aside from its awesome stability and virtually perfect design, it comes packed with features.

The Silverback NXT 50" may be at the slightly higher end of the price spectrum, but we expect it to become a valued member of your family that will stick with you for years to come.

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